I mistakenly activated my inbound trip. How do I cancel it?

  • 24 July 2021
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Hey i need your help :(


i have globalpass (4days) and the following problem:


im at (2/4) and want to get from rome to berlin. my trip starts now (4:35pm) and should end tomorrow 11:30am in berlin. i cross the boarder at 4am. i booked the trip in the app and accepted to take my inbound day. i was thinking that i use my 3.day to midnight and my 4.day + inbound to get to boarder and to my city on 4. travelday tomorrow.


but the app took the inbound day for today (3/4) so i only get to münchen and i cant use münchen->berlin tomorrow cause i already used my inbound today. 


my question: is there any possibility to delete my inbound trip? or is there any live-support? i wrote

on facebook and the bot says i get answer im 4days.



i thought its easy to get berlin ->Rome → Berlin in 4 traveldays..


thank uuu

4 replies

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I assume you booked a Nightjet to Munich? In that case the Nighttrain will counted still for Travelday 3 😕 and because of that the app sets travelday 3 as inbound day by mistake  😕 What you can do is to set Salzburg as destination and use from salzburg travelday 4 with the inboundday :/

Problem is you already activated the travelday 3 with your inbound day 😕 and a active actual travelday can´t be deleted on the day itself :/

Option B is to explain your issue to the conductor on your train from Munich to Berlin

@Nanja  maybe the App department can adopt the app for such case :/

Thank you.

Yes ur right. its the nightyet..

Yes i also had the idea of splitting the journey  that way.. but as u said.. its not possible cause my inbound journey already booked..

:D i also hope @nanja can help me :)

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I'd leave it as is, file a bug report now and if you have to pay extra, claim it back after the trip.

It is clear from your trip/journeys that the inbound journey should be used tomorrow and I'd explain that to the staff if needed.

@Nanja, I can't help but have the feeling we're still beta testing the app.

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Hi @Hannes Brauer, in any case, if you experience problems while travelling, you will need to tell the train staff before boarding. If you've paid extra, please send details/receipts/screenshots to our Customer Support team as they can look into your individual case and take care of refunds if applicable. 

If you haven't been able to get in touch with our Customer Support, please send me your email via a private message so that we can assist you further.