I want to travel more days. Exchange my pass or leave it be?

Hi all!

Guys I have a question I bought the interrail 15 days ticket, but I’ll be on the trip for more days. But I will be using 15 travel days in total probably. Would you recommend me exchanging my ticket for the 15 days in one month. Or since I am travelling southern europe it doesn’t really matter cause the reservations might be pretty expensive anyways?




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Er bestaat niet eens een 15 d in 1 mnd-al by 10 dg kan je over 2 mnd uitsmeren.

Hangt helemaal van route etc af-als het vooral ESpana is dan (het is al zoooooooooooo vaak gezegd=het moeilijkste land) dan is zelf boeken aan normale prijs-of de bus-of vliegen- voor veel mensen een zucht van verlichting

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You'll have to make the calculation yourself. An exchange, if your pass is exchangeable, will cost 15€. You'll have to cost that against any extra tickets you'll have to buy.