Inbound and Outbound Journeys Question

  • 9 August 2023
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I know that we can have “one outbound trip to cross the border”. But I’d like that a bit better defined for my case … specifically, we live in Manchester, so can we, in one day take these trips outbound:

Manchester → London (on Avanti); and
London → Brussels

We’ve read ‘one outbound trip’ as one overall journey not as one single ticket

So, can we outbound Manchester → Brussels, one Avanti, one Eurostar in one day as our outbound trip?


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Where did you read that?

Some interrail terminology:

The pass works with travel days. On a travel day, you can have multiple train journeys. The collection of journeys, is a trip (see “My Trip” as your travel diary). A trip is connected to a pass in the app.

On a travel day, even your inbound/outbound days, you can take as much trains as you need or want to. Wether it’s only one train, or 20 trains, doesn’t matter.

All good to go, no need for extra tickets :)

Thank you!