Inbound and outbound trip interrail week-end trips

  • 10 May 2022
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I have a question concerning the Inboung/outbound trip. I actually live in France and I’m thinking of buying the 3 month pass. But I do not really understand the inbound/outbound thing. For example if I buy the pass it would be to do extended week-ends in the surrounding countries for example 
France/Spain then Spain France in april for 4 days

France Belgium /Belgium France in may 5 days

France Germany / Germany France june 6 days

France UK/UK France june 4 days

as there are direct lines that to these trips (Thalys Paris Amsterdam for example or Paris Bruxelles) is that considered as an Inbound/ outbound travel ? By doing this would I be violating the interrail rules ?

thank you for your answer


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you can only use the interrail ticket one time for an inbound and one time for an outbound trip. So with your Spain trip in April this free in-/outbound trips would be used already. For the other trips you would have to buy a ticket from France to the border station (mostly would be first station after crossing from France). So this would be NOT included in your Interrail pass.