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  • 11 June 2022
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I‘ll travel from Germany to Italy without using the outbound trip (Interrail). After a view week i‘ll travel back from Paris to Malmö - stop in munich in one day. So i cross Germany. Is this day already inbound and outbound or could I use the pass in germany (home country) again, travelling back from Schweden to munich?

In my opinion inbound/outbound means you can travel two days in your home country - in question oft the trip target.


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4 replies

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It depends which trains you take on the “direct” Route Paris - Malmö :)

This Route would take just one of your Homecountry travelday´s
Here a one travelday solution with almost 3hrs in Munich if all trains are on time


Thanks for your help!

If i take the interrail connection travelling direct paris —> malmö, without short break in munich its the same or only inbound?

The train from Hamburg to Malmö starts at 23:59 (Snälltåget). first Station after the boarder is copenhagen (Snälltåget). Is ist enough to buy a ticket munich —> hamburg or do i need one to the First station after the boarder?

Is the snälltaget starts 23:59 (hamburg), ends 7:25 malmö —> is this on problem or hast the train only to start at the same day.



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So B smarter: use the 9€ bargain-try to squeeze in between all the others on major lines- for the shortest sections to/fro border-zuHause. Officially its only valid till last stop before actual border-but also to Salzburg&KUfstein.

ODER; as the supplm on pass for overtheborder (easy avoidable-but apparently noone knows this anymore) is quite high to/fro FRance-so check if a Supersparpreis is not a more money wise way to buy.

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Your trip to/from München will be your inbound and outbound travel days, so you'll have to buy a ticket for the German part of your travel back from Sweden.