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  • 14 December 2022
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we are residents of germany and want to do the following trip in a 4 days / month pass 


  1. Nuremberg - Paris 
  2. Paris - nuremberg
  3.  nuremberg - brussels
  4. brussels - Nuremberg 

if I understand correctly, we cannot have 4 inbound / outbound journeys. Is it correct? 

how should I manage this journey the best to make the most of the pass? We don’t hold any inside germany local train passes  


thank you



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3 replies

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You have a maximum of 2 outbound/inbound travel days. A travel day is 00.00 - 23.59 CET.

The trip you describe has 4 travel days in Germany, thus it is not possible. You can't return to Nürnberg between your visits to Paris and Brüssel. 

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get for the cheapiest Route of that Standardtickets or “Sparpreise” Saverfares and use Day3 and Day4 for a nice daytrip from either Paris or Brussels. (e.g. from Brussels to Brugge or Ghent) and from Paris for a daytrip to Lyon or Lille :) 

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You state to be RESIdent of DE-so if you hold a passpt from far away without too many stamps in it from the various stamp-happy German authorities, use that.

IF booked well advance and willing to stick to those fixed times, you could check what SSP=SuperSparpreis on DB would cost for any trip-OR for only to/fro Strasbourg for the Paris trip-or even use the 49€/Monat ticket once it is there for NahVerkehr In DE. But the wisest of course would be to not return to N and combine the 2-to save money, not time, preferably not via that Thalys. OR if money is a bit tight-check FLIXbus.