Inbound/outbound lost due to problems with DB journey

  • 27 July 2022
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Hi, I would like to report a problem. I was supposed to travel to Sweden form Frankfurt with my Interrail pass. The ticket was already activated and that the inbound/outbound function. Due to problems with the DB I wasn’t able to make my trip and I lost both my outbound and inbound tickets. Could you help me with this ? It’s my first time getting Interrail, lost a lot of money in hotels and stuff and wasn’t able to get a refund in my seat reservations. 
I’m not asking for a refund I just want my inbound/outbound pass available since I haven’t used any. I’ve tried everything to get in touch with costumer service from Interrail and still have no answers. 


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2 replies

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This is just why you never should active your pass until just before boarding the first train of your travel and also why you should not connect  a journey to your pass before you are 100% sure that you will travel with that train. 

Only Customer Support can help you. Did you use the form below to contact Customer Support. Did you write that you are currently travelling?


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In theory DB-thats why they have those info-points in all major stations-currently even in process of complete renovation- should be the one to help you out. But if they understand what you  problem is will very much depend on the knowledge of the one you hit.

Due to EU regulations (rian is the expert on that) the railway where you get stuck in has the responsibility to help you out.

But youre point here seems a bit strange to me: yes, they are always late and often cancel, but trains still run and you could have gone on the way-if you got stranded f.e. in HH (most likely place) they would be obliged to put you in a HTL and give ALT ticket for next day onward to DK.

It also seems-as an aside-that these young people trust their fone too much and have completely forgotten that railways are run by people, who can also give advice.