Inbound/Outbound travel will count, if I just pass the country of Residence?

  • 28 May 2022
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Unfortunately, Interrail did not change the country of residence, even the pass was not activated. 

Well, my questions are?

  1. My Country of Residence is France, If I go from Brussels to London through Eurostar and cross France? Will it be counted a trip in the country of residence. Or how can I do it If I want to go and come back from Brussels to London.
  2. What will be the activation date of global continuous pass for 2 months? Is it from 1st day of the month or any day of the month i.e 7th June to 7th August ? 
  3. And If I book my trip for 7th June today? Will my pass be activated by today or 7th June, when I book my first trip.

Thanking you in anticipation.



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same Q has been posted etc here some 10+ times.

  1. yes, its pure logic: this trip passes FRance
  2. when you do it yourself by loading very 1st trip. Any day of the month.
  3.  it is HIGHly unwise to activate before really needed-you loose that day if plans change later and there maybe any other mishap: strike (grëve, ´mouvement gilets jaunes, tornadoś, nor is there any reason to do. This forum is full of people complaining about these mishaps that cannot be rectified afterwards