Inbound Outbound trips in the middle of journey

  • 26 September 2022
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we have bought a 2 months global pass and did a trip with it this september trip including our inbound and outbound trips from/to our home country.


We would like to do another small journey this weekend. How ever i got told today that our pass isnt valid in other countries anymore too, because we used the inbound and outbound trip and are back already. She wasnt 100% sure if she is correct with that statement.


So can we still use our pass outside our home country or isnt this possible after using the outbound and inbound trip?


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2 replies

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You can still use your pass outside your country, starting from the border. You'll need additional tickets to the border or use another form of transport.

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Have done that many times. Am now using a (50% discount) Pass for 3 month, do short trips of 5-6 days so I do not need to take loads of luggage and on trip 6-but I also hold an off-peak season for own country, so thats no prob.

But it is kind of true that one can encounter sometimes the most bizarre or ´self-invented´ or whatever reactions-more so if you use lines that are out of the usual tourist trail. In many countries staff do really believe that pass-holders are always trying to cheat (well, to be honest this is/was the case and made easy with these travel-days you had to write down yourself) or are so dumb that they never understand the rules. (which may hold true for the tipical USAer never been in trains before). After a while you´ll also discover that some countries always have specific things they are alert on.

BTW-now in DE/Germany again, had no check at all from K to M (overnite) nor on the S-bahn in M.