Inbound trip cancelled and can't add a new inbound trip. What to do?

It seams like my last leg on my inbound trip will be cancelled. It’s a night train to my home town. I can’t add a new inbound trip in the app tomorrow. Any advice. The train company is Vy in Sweden. I was supposed to travel from Stockholm to Boden with train 92 but now it is delayed over 1 h and they are talking about cancelling the train. The train is full the coming days. 


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If they cancel a train it is now their responsibility to find a solution to your onward travel, you need to contact the operator at the earliest opportunity to resolve this.

Your pass no longer being valid if you have to travel at a later date is irrelevant, or if you have days left you should under no circumstances use them on a day that you otherwise wouldn’t have due to a delay or forced re-booking.  It will be up to the operator at fault to supply any extra travel documents needed.

If they try to fob you off or get you to deal with it yourself be firm, the type of ticket you hold or any other reason they may try is irrelevant, if they have disrupted your travel, it is their problem to resolve.

Thanks for your reply. We were lucky this time they managed to fix the problem and the train came and then we didn’t even had to show our tickets in the middle of the night. We are now “just” 3 h late. Vy is notorious with not assisting when there are problems they usually say get your self a ticket and then make a complaint and then it take months to get the money back. And as all trains are full for the coming days, no busses (or it will take days to travel by bus) and a captain strike in the planes it would be hard to even find a replacement ticket.