Inbound used up. How to get it back?


I need help to book my seat online to come back in France. 
It rest me 2 days of interail pass that I have to use before Tuesday 26th of July before midnight. 

Also, I have a problem with the inbound day 😭😭 


someone can explain me how book my seat reservation online ? 

also when I want to add my ticket in the pass it is written that « it look like you have used all your inbound/Outbound journey  you will need to buy a separate ticket to make this journey » : how I can use my inbound day to come back in my country or how I can buy this separate ticket 😭


Please help me 😖😖



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It seems as if you already have used the 2 travel days that you have in your country of residence.

What travels on what dates did you make when leaving your country?

What seat reservation do you want to make?

What inbound journey are you trying to make?

I would like to plan 4 trains (the picture with blue) you have all informations but I can’t book my seat whereas the train is not full on db app. 

see attached my first trip to live from France but it is a pass to travel and not a country pass so I should be able to travel freely in Europe during 7 days 😔😔😣😣

I started on 27th of June 
Day 1 : toulouse paris
Day 2 paris Copenhague 
Day 3 : Copenhague Oslo 
Day 4 : Oslo Stockholm 
Day 5 : Stockholm Växjö 

Rest 2 days on 7 
until the end of my pass on Tuesday 26th of July midnight 

thank you 



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You have already travelled on 2 days in France. From Toulouse to Paris on day 1 and from Paris to Copenhagen on day 2. This means that on your way back to France you need to purchase a normal ticket from the station before the French border and to your home.

That you can call SNCF and do 


But why interail conditions are not explicite !! I never read that and nobody told me at the station in France. I printed my tickets paper version and nobody explained me 


conditions on the website are confused 


it is a nightmare 


and why I can’t book my seat ? 

thank you 

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The information about the Outbound/Inbound rule is very clear at the Interrail website and you always have to confirm in the app when you activate an outbound/inbound travel day.

What seats can't you book? 

I disagree. 

I booked my tickets for the two firsts days at the station in France in toulouse. The guy tried to find a solution during 40 minutes. Interail pass it is a mess nobody understands and even at the station few people are able to answer your questions about interail.

the guy of the station that printed my tickets never explained me this story of inbound outbound 


the train of 4am for example 


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It is you responsibility to read the conditions for the pass you buy. All information is available on the internet.


@Angelo @rvdborgt 

Where is the best way to make the reservation from Warszawa to Frankfurt?

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Best way to make a reservation for trains Poland-Germany is at a DB ticket office or in Poland.

I know but I am in Tallinn. I will arrive in Poland only on Saturday morning 🤡 two days before the trip. In think that trains will be already full 🤞

Amazing pass 


justly I also contacted db to know on their app how I can enter on db app that I have an interail pass to only pay my seat. Because nobody can explain me this. Whereas i should be able to book seats online or on the company station of the country or at the station (I went everytile in station directly physically : toulouse Oslo Copenhague Stockholm…)


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justly I also contacted db to know on their app how I can enter on db app that I have an interail pass to only pay my seat.

On the DB website, you click on "Seat only”. But it only works for optional reservations, not for this one from Poland to Germany.

Thank you very much. But if I am not sure to can take the first train 4 am I will not pay the others because if I can’t I loose all my others reservation around 40€ for nothing. 

i am obliged to see directly at the station in Poland on Saturday to Monday. 
and after people say the « you should reserve your train more than 1 week before your trip » okay but how. I really understand nothing to this pass !