Incorrect birthday on eurail pass

  • 22 June 2022
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Hello! I have a trip that’s coming up this weekend, but the year of my birthday was not saved correctly on my eurail pass. I was wondering that in the case that my birthday does not get fixed before my trip, would I still be able to travel using the pass with the incorrect birthday or do I have to get this issue fixed before I can travel? I have already submitted a form stating that I would be traveling this weekend. It has been 2 weeks (as I indicated on the form) and still have not received a response. I understand there is a high volume of customers right now, but I really need to get my birthday fixed before this trip. Is there anything that could be done faster about this issue as my trip is coming up in a couple days?


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2 replies

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Let me guess: its 1 day before/after?

This is a very often reported issue on this forum-it seems that it ´translates´ given dates into CET when you write them in-in another timezone with yet another date valid there. But this is just my suspection for now

Await reply-and even though this is not an official statement: checks on this are in fact quite rare (not once with me in a 10 d pass in 2 Month finished last week)-and if they do, its mostly name + ID nr (or passpt=also ID).

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Hello, I realize that this information is likely too late to be useful. Unfortunately the only way to change the date of birth on your pass is to request this from our customer service team. I hope that we have managed to respond to your request by now. Please feel free to reach out to me if you still have any further questions :)