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  • 12 May 2022
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Hello everyone! I have a flexi pass (10 days in 2 months) and I need to plan the journey, so I wanted to make sure of a few things with some of you that have used the same pass. 

Firstly, if I connect a trip to my journey I can still change it, but if I activate my pass I cannot change it anymore, correct? So if I activate my pass to do my first trip and later I wanna add or change one of the other trips connected I can't? 

If i take a train at 11pm , that arrives in the morning of the next day, does it count as one or two travelling days? 

Thanks a lot! 

4 replies

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If you take a train at 11pm and doesnt Chance after midnight you can travel as long you want that train 


Popular examples Nighttrain Milan (dep. 20.40) to Palermo (arrival at 16.30 the next day) 

Thank you! 

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Ýou don’t need to plan our trip in advance. You only need to make sure that you have connected the journey you will take to “My Trip” and created the QR code which is your ticket, before you board the the train for the journey.

As you have a flexi pass you should wait until you are absolutely certain that you will take the train until you activate a travel day. If you have activated a travel day and your plans change so that you for some reason can’t travel you will loose that day.

Perfect, thank you very much!