Instant delivery of mobile pass?

  • 4 August 2022
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Is delivery of mobile eurail passes really instant?! Or is there a delay of hours or a day or so while it is processed?

I know its probably best to buy in advance etc, but in theory can you buy on the day and activate for same day usage?


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2 replies

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Myself have only bought one such: in the very busy promotion period of 50% off-and it came in the mail (with the details you need to put it on fone and activate-which I have not done yet) in 1 hr. When the payment is checked it comes indeed asap

But for a Brit-who has only 1 option on the rails to leave that funny island-the RES on €* will take weeks

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Mine as the poster above (without the unnecessary smart-arse commentary) was also e-mailed within an hour of ordering.


I would say that I wouldn’t want to rely on it being processed instantly though.