Interlaken to Milan - bus reservation?

  • 9 June 2024
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I am planning to go from Interlaken to Milan on Aug 6th in the evening. I understand that there is construction going on so will have to take the bus for part of the journey (from Domodossola). Where do I reserve a seat for the bus? Are there other shorter routes to Milan from Switzerland?


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The bus can be booked at a ticket office in Switzerland or Italy.

There are other routes, but they aren't shorter.

thanks for your quick reply. We have 1st class eurail passes. Would they cover the bus? I would like to reserve seats in advance for the bus for peace of mind. Which site is best to reserve the seats?

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Yes your pass is valid. 1st/2nd class doesn't matter.

As rvdborgt said the bus cannot be booked online. Book at any counter in Switzerland (3 CHF passholder fare).

Or you buy a 13€ ticket online in advance... but availability won't be an issue on an evening so personally I'd rather wait. 

Hi, is a 13 min exchange at Spiez enough time? So sounds like if I reserve seats in advance for the bus portion of my route it will be 13euro vs 3CHF if i book once in switzerland? Are there any othe routes you would suggested from Interlake to Milan? We would like minimal changes.

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13 min is enough. Yes 13€ for an online ticket.

You could take the long way round via Lucerne and Lugano. 3 trains and fully reservation-free. 1h longer than usual due to the Gotthard Base Tunnel closure. For example:

- IR Interlaken Ost - Lucerne 16:15 - 18:04

- IC21 Lucerne - Lugano 18:18 - 20:48

- RE Lugano - Milano Centrale 21:02 - 22:17