Internet access and phone chargers

  • 23 July 2022
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Hi, is it required to be online to be able to show the Global Pass in the App to the conductor? Is there WiFi in trains in Germany, Switzerland and Italy? And can we charge our phones in these trains?


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3 replies

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App runs offline but you need to connect every 2 days to keep it active.

Many trains have wi-fi and plug or usb sockets but not all do. Less developed countries/railways tend not to have these facilities as much.


A good data plan and a powerbank wouldn’t be bad things to have when travelling.

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Most long distance trains in Germany and Italy have Wi-Fi. Also some new local trains. For data, you can use EU Roaming, when somewhere you do not get Wi-Fi. 

In Switzerland almost all trains have NO Wi-Fi. Switzerland is not part of EU, this means for most mobile fares, you have no EU Roaming. 

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BE is the next one that does not offer wi-fi in trains. Some stations do, but there is an awkward way to get connected

In DE=Germany also all main stations (where ICE stops) have free wi-fi IN the station halls-and it works very well, in my experience, same for Austria