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  • 29 May 2023
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Hi there

New to interrail and slightly baffled by the whole thing! My partner and i have 4-day passes. We want to book London St Pancras to Brussels. Have found train we want via; this is linked to our pass details etc. I get to the ‘payment’ stage and still cannot see which seats we’ll be assigned. Is this because there are only a certain number of pass-holder seats available, and you are just assigned whichever seats there are? I just find it strange I cannot see a seating plan or anything; maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Do I just pay the 60 euros and then find out which seats we have?

Apologies, this has probably been answered elsewhere, but I feel like I’m going round in circles! :)


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You can book passholder reservations from interrail or from B-europe at this link


In both cases you will be assigned seats once you book, you cannot choose them.

You can use the booking reference you are given (there can be 2 different ones, one should work) on  and there you can change your assigned seats to any available in your booked class.

Be aware that in many countries there is limited or no possibility for passholders to choose seats.

the interrail booking service can not do this anywhere, only in countries such as Germany and Austria where seats can be booked through the operator’s website is it possible. In some other countries such as France, Italy it may be possible but only by booking at a manned ticket office, not online.

Thanks so much for the info; really helpful!