Interrail global pass- after entering and leaving, is travelling in own country possible?

Hello. I will be purchasing an Interrail global pass. I will be entering and leaving my country on the days included in the pass. After this is done, can I continue travelling in my own country?


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Si-but only if you pay for normal tickets then. You are only allowed 1 trip to go OUT and 1 to go back IN (or 2 days on a mobile pass). All very clearly explained in general info. Pass is meant to explore out of your own country.

I seen youre Italiano: trenItalia also has its own passes. LIke this summer for 4 weekends for 39€ -solo per treni regionale.

Let me explain: I travel by train from Milan-Dortmund-amsterdam-Berne-Milan-Lecce. Trenitalia is included in the Interrail-global pass. Can I do it or are there problems? 
Thank you very much :) it's not well written in the instructions, sorry:)

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Puoi usare solo 2 giorni nel tuo stato die residenza.