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  • 15 April 2023
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Hello, we are three people interested in a trip to the Greek islands with Interrail. Our idea was to leave directly from Athena and then go to Paros and spend the night there. From Pros we would then move to Santorini where we will spend two nights. From Santorini then activate Naxo where spending only one night. From Naxo then move to Mykonos where we will spend two nights and then return to Athens, where we have the plane to return to Italy. What type of pass do you recommend?


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Looks like 5 ferries. There are 4-day and 6-day Greek Island passes. You should calculate what comes out best for you:

  • 6-day pass
  • 4-day pass and pay for the cheapest ferry separately, with a 30% discount.
  • No pass and just pay the ferries normally.

You can look up ferry fares here:

Also note that the Greek island pass is only available as a paper pass. If you order it via Interrail, you'll pay extra for delivery and you'll have to wait until you receive it. You can also buy it directly from a Trenitalia ticket office at the main stations, without delivery fees and you'll have it immediately.