Interrail map in paper version

  • 22 June 2021
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Hello, I wonder if the paper version of the interrail map still exists and if so, where can I find it ?

Thanks !


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Hi. By Ordering a Interrail Pass you can choose if you like to have a physical paper ticket & map or an digital pass. But you only can choose one of them.

Both can get lost. I choosed the paper ticket. 

Thank you,I received my paper ticket but did not received a map with it.

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Sadly, Eurail decided to discontinue the paper version of the railway map. You can find the most current version here: Eurail Map 2021 You will need to print the map yourself, if you'd like a physical version.

Thank you for the information !

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Just a warning the Interrail / Eurail map is a overview of train Routes in Europe (mostly only major tracks) but some routes that exists aren´t showed on that Route :/  For example on the map the popular Routes of the Glacier and Bernina Express doesn´t exist :D

There is a map called “Railmap of Europe” from European Rail Timetable Limited for arround 10€ purchasable that covers most Routes. A Online map that shows almost all tracks in Europe (but doesn´t recognise if Interrail is valid or not)