Interrail Pass not delivered

Hi all,

I recently bought a paper interrail pass and it has still not been delivered. I was supposed to arrive by the 23rd May 2022, but it hasn’t been delivered, and I haven’t been sent a tracking number or been contacted to tell me about any issue. I have tried contacting interrail numerous times but still no response, and the start time of my ticket is coming up soon (next month)

Does anyone know what I could do? Who I might contact? or maybe how I can swap it for a mobile pass?

Thank you!



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As the pass wasn't delivered as promised you are entitled to a full refund, se info on the Interrail website.

It is no use to contact Customer Support several times as that will only make them even more overloaded with work.

What you can do is to fill in this form and say that you want a full refund as the pass hasn't been delivered.

You could also wait to see if the pass comes before your planed travel date. If you haven't received the pass a few days before you can buy a mobile pass.

I am also waiting for a paper pass that should have been delivered on the 29th of May.

Hi Anna,

Thank you for your response!

I bought this ticket on discount and so I really can’t afford to buy a new one unfortunately but hopefully it does come in time.

Good luck with your delivery also!

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I recommend you to immediately fill in the the form

to Customer Support. Clearly write what date you want to start your travel and ask them when they will send you the pass.

Thank you so much for the help!

Hopefully they don’t take too long.



I am exactly in the same situation. I already sent email to the customer service but nobody answer 😭

How is for you? Have you find a solution?




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When was the expected delivery of your pass?

When is your first travel day?

I don’t know i have received no tracking code.

My first travel day is the 29 July, I still have some time left but as it's already been a month since I bought my interrail and I still haven't received anything, I'm starting to worry about the delivery.



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Have you enter a request to Customer Support via this form? If not, do so and ask about the delivery.


I have already done it . I am waiting for an answer  🤞🏻



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I got a standard email saying that they would get back to me in 2 days, as a reply rather quickly.

 You can log into the request database to see if there is a request logged for your email address. If there is no request for your email address, you need to enter a new request.

Use this link to come to the request database.

Click "Sign in" in the upper right corner.


Enter your email address and Click " Get a password".

If the system doesn't recognise your email address, then there is no request registered and you need to go back to the start screen and enter a request.

If you get a password, you can then log in and look at the status of your request.

oh thanks! they have my request , i will wait so