InterRail pass with 3 travel days?

  • 30 January 2023
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We’re two persons who wants to go from Denmark to Amsterdam. 
Earlier this week we were able to find tickets for the journey with three traveldays, making it possible for us to go back and forth + one day with an excursion.
But it suddenly seems like it has vanished from the website, leaving us with 4 traveldays as our only option, plus the tickets appr. 130 euro more expensive.

Does anyone know if the 3 day ticket still is available?

Thanks in advance.




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3 replies

Hello, there is no three day global pass.

I assume you had a look at one of the one country passes which are available for three days.

But you can’t go from Denmark to the Netherlands with them.

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When are you planning to travel this route? And what’s your departure station in Denmark? Ordinary tickets might be a better deal for you, than a pass.

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I'd indeed to look up prices on the DB website to compare. They sell saver (Sparpreis) tickets for the complete journey.