Interrail Passholder Eurostar fares to Rotterdam error fix?

  • 5 March 2024
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Interrail Passholder Eurostar fares to Rotterdam are more than 35 Euros (via RailEurope), is this due to split journey, change at Brussels? And how can I get the published 35 Euros Passholder fare please?

NB For July 2nd 13.00 Rott booking (testing showed the usual Brussels 30 Euros Passholder fare was available).

Many thanks.


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Yes, that's because there's a change to a continental Eurostar in Brussels (ex-Thalys).

Looking at Eurostar websites it seems direct trains haven't been released yet (probably linked to works in the Netherlands).

Check back in a bit or take the Eurostar to Brussels and switch to the frequent reservation-free IC.