Interrail ticket - I couldn't enter an earlier start date

  • 31 May 2022
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Hi everybody, 

I was trying to book a 15 days in 2 month ticket for this summer. When I had to enter the start date of my journey, I was only able to pick from the 26th of July or later. Does anybody know why this is and if I can also get my ticket with the start date for the 8th of July?



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2 replies

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It should be possible to buy a pass also before that date. Which pass are you trying to buy? Global Pass or one country, mobile or paper pass?

You can buy a pass also at NS International Ticket Office.

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This is probably you choose the paper pass (which takes an awful long time to be printed and sent out from them?)

As angelo tells- spring op je fiets, ga naar elk NS-INtern kantoor (die zijn er niet heel veel meer) als je perse papier pas wilt: enkel nog Ams CS en S´hol doen die. de overigen enkel nog de mobile op je fone. Maar op paper kan je desnoods vlak voor je de trein neemt kopen (al krijg je dan problems als je wilt REServeren-al jullie 1e keer gebruikers schijnen allemaal de doodgetreden en moeilijk te vinden direkte sneltrein ri. zuiden te willen).

EN-je bent vrij- je kan bvb ook bij treinreiswinkel bestellen-particulier, dus klantvrindelijker.