Interrail valid in Corsica?

  • 8 May 2022
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Hey guys,


I am thinking about using the current Interrail offer. Since I'm planning a vacation in Corsica in the summer anyway, I wanted to ask if you can also use Interrail there, for example from Bastia to Ajaccio? For any experience reports I would be extremely grateful, wish you a nice Sunday :-)


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4 replies

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I can’t tell if the information is up to date, but an Interrail pass should give you 50% discount on journeys made with the local railway there. 
Please contact the railway company to double check. 

Found it here:

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Trains are very sparse there and to satisfy the many calls for local independence the general-often on strike-society that runs trains, preferably as hi-speed TGV, in FR has withdrawn from there, its now CFC=Ch Fer de Corse. Perhaps you can get the discount-perhaps not- its probably so rare that those teenagers who work summertimejobs (most tickets are sold ON train) have never been instructed about it. AFAIK there USED to be a kind of touristy pass for 3 or 5 days for all trains there-check that.

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The 50% discount on Corsica was already history when I visited the island more than 10 years ago.

They have their own pass: 7 consecutive days for 50€. Not bad, if you compare with the normal fares.

Hi Rene, 

Did you already go to Corsica by interrail? I'm curious about your experience, because i also go in a couple of weeks.