Interrail with a small dog

  • 15 October 2021
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I've been trying to research the interrail website for how I could travel with my small dog from Stockholm to Edinburgh and back using the Interrail. (not for the purpose of sightseeing, but to go and visit family in Scotland.)  My own research suggests traveling Sweden-Denmark-Germany-Holland, and then take the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich, and then train up from London to Edinburgh. I would have no intentions on staying at any of the stopover places, and I would be happy to travel overnight and sleep on the train for example, since this is just to get to Scotland, not a sightseeing trip. My research calculates the travel time at roughly 1-2 days per way, would I be fine with the Global pass? I’ve also read that some ferries are included in the interrail pass, would the ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich be included?
Thankful for all the help, as I’m getting quite desperate. (can’t fly the dog over, but can’t leave him at home with somebody either.)

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Sadly the ferry is not included but it provides a discount :)

When do you intend to travel? (some trains operate only in “season”)  as there are few options

Option A
Catch the Nighttrain Stockholm - Hamburg and then via Cologne - Brussels - London and finally a train to Scotland (for example the Caledonian Sleeper)
The Nighttrains and Eurostar need a reservation

Option B
Nighttrain to Hamburg and then Osnabrück - Amsterdam  - then the Ferry you mentioned :)

Option C
Mix of A&B Nighttrain to Hamburg - Osnabrück - Amsterdam - Eurostar - London - Scotland :)

Please Note that even the dog maybe need a ticket :/ Each country have their own size limitation until when a dog is free :)