Invalid pass in some countries

  • 1 December 2021
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I have bought my pass but i have a friend who also travelled in 2018 and he told me he have some troubles with the pass in some countrys like Estonia. I don't have more informations and i would like to know if there is some solutions or if you know it's already happened to you and what can i do if it happend.


Thank you ❤️

2 replies

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You pass is valid in Estonia. However, that has only been the case since last year, so before 2020 I can imagine he had "troubles” with it in Estonia (and Latvia).

If there were problems in other countries, then please specify in which countries and what kind of problems.

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Since that year only the 3 baltic states have been included.

Main problems with travel on IR are:

1.the very hard to get and also expensive REServations fpr Hi-Speed and express trains, with Spain and France topping the list

2.IR is not valid on some railways, this varies enormously per country. This is a heritage from the old days when there were just the monopolistic state-railways and since then there have been many privatisations.

3.passing gates, sometimes easy, sometimes very hard to do-no staff in station, noone to help you with this.

Also in east-EUR it often is simply not worthwhile to travel on IR, as local fares (pay as you go) are still quite cheap.

But this does not mean its all worthless-you have to plan and make more information.