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I have a small problem: I have a mobile Interrail Pass. However, due to an issue with my IPhone, I had to reset it. As my pass was registered on the railplanner app, and as I tried to enter the code of my pass on the app, the app said "your pass is already registered on another device". But that's not possible, I had to do a reset of my phone.

I will probably have to change the battery of my Phone, so maybe I will have to ask the same question another time if the Apple Store has to reset again my phone or if I have to change my phone.


I will be travelling very very soon, so if I can have an answer quickly that would be greatly appreciated.





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Please contact customer service. Only they can unlink your device so you can activate the pass again.

Mention your order number (from the confirmation mail) and when you will start travelling, so your request can be prioritised correctly. It is not enough to say you'll be travelling very soon or that it is urgent.

If you think you'll need to reset your phone again for a new battery, it’s probably best to do that first before you activate the pass again.

Thanks, then I will wait until my phone works correctly