Is Interrail QR code accepted on UK trains?

  • 15 June 2022
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I have booked trains to and from London (to go to and from Paris on the Eurostar) on my inbound/outbound travel days for my global pass this summer. Whilst I have reservations also booked on the Eurostar I am able to add the journey from Bournemouth to and from London on the inbound and outbound journeys. My biggest concern is that the QR code for the Bournemouth to/from London journey isn't recognised by the conductor or at the barriers in Waterloo station. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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NO, never nowhere in this GB-where they indeed like to do everything a bit different as ´on the continent´ will accept codes-one has always (as was also always the case with paper passes) go via the manual controles-and all reports tell they are very well used to it.

IF there was an odd report, it was in areas/companies where they did not have any codes tickets

MOst likely you now also have to pass gates at boarding stop. And the pass is not valid on TfL underground-but can use Thameslink to reach St. Pcr

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If the conductor has a problem with the QR code, then their instructions should say that they should look at the readable information below the QR code. In any case, your pass will be vallid.

The procedure at the barriers should be the same as with paper interrail: the staff glance at it and then open the barriers.