Issues with Rail Planner with imported journey

  • 2 June 2022
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I have recently started interrail with a two month pass and have encountered a lot of issues that are quite stressful, since they prevent me from getting the trip qr code I need to board trains (although not always).

My partner shared with me a trip he had created and I associated that trip with the interrail pass when I activated it. After that, when I checked my trip I saw the trip was fully empty (no trips added) even tough before they were there.


From there multiple issues started:

  1. When i add a trip to my trip often times it doesn’t display in the trip details - after force closing the app or restarting my phone then the trips show up (often several duplicates, I guess from all the times I added them before)
  2. when I click in the QR code icon in a trip, and then head over to my pass, the day pass is not displayed (only the add a trip for this day message).

Ive managed to get around this so far with a combination of using airplane mode, restarting my phone and a lot of different attempts.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


my iphone: 13, ios 15.4.1, app version: 23.3.0 , device id f751c25d


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The iPhone app version had a number of these issues recently. Version 23.3.0 was released yesterday (1 June) and is supposed to contain bug fixes, although we don't know for which bugs. Do you still have these issues with version 23.3.0?

If so, then please enable error logging (via More > Settings, the scroll to the bottom) and contact customer support. Give them all details you have.

Unfortunately issues remain with the new version (just tested it). I’ve already made a report to customer support and also activated the error logs in the beginning of the week. Thanks!

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Hello, I am sorry that you were affected by this bug. Luckily it has since been resolved. In these cases, your best course of action is usually to try and re-install the app. If the error persists, you can enable app error logging by tapping on "More” and then “Settings”. The “Enable app error logging” is at the very bottom of the screen. Please get in touch with our support team with your pass number and DeviceID once you've done this so that we can resolve this issue.