Italy eurail - is it good on all trains or do you pay extra

  • 23 July 2021
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should i buy a eurail for italy only if i plan to go w/one adult and one youth from milan to florence, florence to naples, naples to puglia and amalfi coast, and then back to milan to border of switzerland. i would buy 3 day pass. should i if i want to take some regional and some speed trains? will eurail work for both of them? and for trenitalia?

2 replies

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EURail works for all trains of Trenitalia, but not for .italo Trains.
It depends if it pays off. You can check the prices for the trains on trenitalia . com if you know already your dates. Trenitalia uses dynamic pricing, so prices may vary a lot…
To your EURail pass you’d have to add the reservation fees - 10 euro per person for each high-speed train, 3 euro per person for each InterCity train.

But I don’t know how your trip may work out with a 3 day pass…. you are speaking of at least 5 traveldays… except if you have so short stays in some places that you arrrive in the morning and leave in the evening.

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Hi, here you can find what railway carriers are covered by the Pass. For more information on train types and seat reservations in Italy, have a look here. I trust this helps! Cheers,