Italy train nightmare lol

  • 28 September 2023
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Having so much trouble working out the italian side of things 
Rome to Pisa 7th january early morning
same day Pisa to Florence mid afternoon
Florence to venice 8th Jan mid morning

We will be 3 pass holders and two wont be.
do te non pass holders also pay reservations or just get a ticket

trying to work out what trains run where because there are so many different types and with Eurail passes some cover and some don't. and Reservations are compulsory mainly on the ones we need as we need faster connections and on some they don't however those are slow trains

Why is there bno system considering this has been a global pass forever almost that we can enter in our train timetable between certain destinations and it tells us what trains are available on those routes and what reservations cost and are compulsory on those routes.
Surely im missing something surely there must be some kind of application you can enter in your whole train itinerary and it tells you all the possible connections and possible reservations if required.
If not its crazy, i mean we have skyscanner that can do it for flights


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The 2024 timetable is not out yet. You are too early to book.

Rail Planner app (where you'll have to log trains in order to use the pass) gives you prices but it can be incomplete. More info can be found here too :

Better to use the above link for reservations and for timetables.

It is rarely easy to travel with people without passes but Italy is fine :

1. Buy reservations on ÖBB (no booking fee) or (2€ fee per person per train).

2. Afterwards go to, look for the wanted connection and choose seats for your friends next to the seats you've been attributed earlier (using a seat map).

Regular tickets have the reservation fee included.