Journey colours on the app map

  • 7 November 2022
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Not a major issue (!) but on the map of my journeys in the android app, some are coloured grey and some yellow. I've seen this on two separate trips now. Any reason for it?


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@bedfojo Hello! Thank you for your question! Could you please provide a screenshot ?

This was my most recent trip. It was the same in the summer.



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I've seen several remarks and questions about the grey and yellow lines (and stations) in this map in the Facebook group, with several suggestions about what they could mean but until now, all suggestions have been proven wrong… So I’m also curious :)

@bedfojo @rvdborgt Currently checking with the technical department. We will keep you posted!

This may be improved in the future, but this is the current explanation:


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@Annie. Thanks, interesting. It just means that the colours are buggy. The maps of some of my expired passes still have yellow and grey lines and stations, although they should all be grey now.

My expired passes from 2021 and 2020 and spring 2022 only show grey.

Thanks for the reply, indeed buggy as all the journeys on the map are finished!