Journey split over 2 days : 1 or 2 travels ?

  • 15 December 2021
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Hello !

I bought a Global pass and it allows me to do 7 travels on 30 days. My last travel is a big one (from Venezia to Paris) : it starts on the 22nd of january (at 21:48) and ends the 23rd (about 12:31) with a change about 06:29 at Munchen. I read somewhere (maybe here but i can’t find it) that if the train leaves after 19:00, it count as ONE travel, even if it is on two days. Is it still right ? Here, it seems to say that, like we change at Munchen after midnight, it would count for two travels. So does this trip Venezia to Paris count for 2 ?

Thank you very much :)




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This trip counts for 2 day, because you change trains in munich. 

If the train would go directly to paris without change in Munich you would need only 1 day. (sadly this was possible before covid, with the nighttrain Venice-Paris, but it doesn’t run any more).

If you want to save a day, you could use a Eurocity (10€ fee on top) from Venice to Munich and than change in Rosenheim (changing in Munich you would entering the train after midnight and you need a new travel day) to the Nightjet to Paris (runs only 3 times the week (monday, thursday, saturday), from 14€ reservation for a seat). You need for this solution only 1 travel day, because you use the travel day when you board the train (before midnight). 

You could use also use the RJ to Vienna from Venice at 15:55 (10€ fee on top) till Villach change there for an IC to Salzburg (reservation not compulsory) and than change there for the Nightjet to Paris (14€ reservation for a seat). 

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Yes, in my opinion you must provide 2 travel days. As you indicate in the link in your message.


I'm still waiting for the response from the real experts here. 

Ok, thank you for this very complete answer ! :)

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This '’after 19.00'’ rule was changed a year or 2 ago-many still think it is that way.

IF you are short on traveldays-look at what a normal ticket would cost from VNZ till first stop after 24.00-perhaps you hit a bargain. OR use an overnight FLIXbus to München-these tend to be much cheaper-IF they run (check yourself)