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  • 9 August 2021
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Bonjour la communauté, j’ai une question à vous poser concernant le pass Europe, j’ai opté pour un pass 7 jours sauf que je rentre chez moi en avion, est ce que c’est possible d’utiliser les jours restants pour se déplacer dans le pays d’origine (France) pour information j’atterris à Nice et je dois rentrer chez moi à Paris. Merci beaucoup. 


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4 replies

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Your pass has 1 inbound and 1 outbound trip, these two can be used in your own country 🙂 My french is a little rusty so i hope I understood the question haha

thank you for this answer, should the trip outbound only allow entry or exit from the country of origin or travel into the country of origin also without passing through the borders? thank you

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^ You can travel twice in your own country, doesn’t have to be the first and last day, but maximum 2 travel days. I don’t think you need to cross borders. If you arrive in Nice by plane and need to go to Paris by train, that could be 1 of your 2 travel days within your own country :)

J'espère que je t'aide 

Thank you so much you really help me ! I think I'll do that and we'll see if anyone else has had the same experience