Leaving the country of residence more than once with a global pass

  • 3 August 2023
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Hello together,

I plan on going on my first interrail journey in about a month with a 7 day global pass. And I know that one can split their days of travel over the whole month, still I'm not sure about the following topic:

I think of visiting spain for around a week, using 3-4 of my travel days, and visiting Amsterdam for a Weekend, using 2 of those travel days. Still, I plan on coming back to my country of residence in between these journeys and I recently heard, that with an interrail pass you can only leave/arrive your country of residence once. So, what I am basically asking is: Is that true? I did not find an answer addressing this issue, maybe someone else knows.


Thank you in advance,

Lisa :)





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Thank you for you helpful answers! :)

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It’s true, there’s a limit of use in your own country. Better wording would be: On two of your travel days, you can use the pass in your own country. Most people use one to leave the country, and to get back in at the end of the journey. If you’re gonna use your pass more than 2 days, you need normal tickets to travel in your country of residence.

When or how you use these, doesn’t matter. It’s just limited to two days. Two days in, two days out, one out, one in, a train to the airport or a ferry…

Best check prices for travel in your home country, and choose the pass for the two days with the most expensive travel options.

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That is correct, only 2 of your travel days can also be used in your country of residence:

If you need more, you'll need to buy tickets to the border. The best is to check which 2 of those journeys would be most expensive and use your pass for those.