Lille Flandres to Bordeaux - night train - counts as one day?

Hello dear community,

I have a question regarding travel days and night trains. So there is a connection tonight from Lille Flandres to Bordeaux St Jean.

Time = 19:12 - 00:37 

With one change in Paris Nord at 20:14

Am I correct to assume that this journey counts as only one travel day?

Night trains being defined as any train departuring before midnight and arriving afterwards. I've been traveling all day from Copenhagen and to arrive to Bordeaux in one travel day is the mission.

Was hoping for info so to know if I can book the reservations because they're both TGVs.

Thanks for your help as always, appreciated!


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All trains that you board between 00.00 -23.59 CET count as the same travel day, no matter when you leave the last train.

It is the scheduled departure time of the train that counts.

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IF these are 2 TGV (and not the very few that run on and bypass Paris)-then you MUST change gares in P-and use metro-ticket payable, 1,90- between the 2. Allow at least 1 hr for this. This is not what anyone calls an overnighttrain though.