Live in US, traveling to Europe later this year. Can I buy the Interrail pass once I arrive in Scotland (with the reduced senior price)?

  • 28 March 2022
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I live in the US and will travel to Europe later this year. I’m over 70 and understand I can get a reduced price on the pass. Can I buy the Interrail pass once I arrive in Scotland (probably landing in Glasgow) later this year or am I, for some reason, forced to buy a Eurail pass while I’m still in the US? [If I'm forced to buy a Eurail pass while still in the US, can I also get the reduced price due to my age?] Also, if I can buy the Interrail pass once I arrive in the UK later this year, what documents do I have to produce to an agent to get the reduced price for an Interrail pass? Instead of carrying my birth certificate with me, will my US passport be sufficient to get the reduced Interrail pass?


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Where you live determines if you qualify for Eurail or Interrail. If you live in the USA, then you qualify for Eurail. You don't need a birth certificate, a passport is enough.

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You need a passpt anyway to be even able to enter EUR, as you likely know. ANY passpt has your birthdate and place of birth in it.

Since by now some 3 years there is NO MORE a distinction between EU and INterRail. EUrail was before NOT valid in UK at all and for adults only as 1st cl-that is all no more. This may confuse some elderly travellers who remember the past.

ONLY if you still perhaps hold a passpt from the UK itself, then you may hit trouble, as then you also need a kind of proof that you actually live in the USA long enough.

Oh-forget that you would be able to buy even an I-R on the spot wherever in the UK-that is really long ago that was possible-sales over there are only handled by a few distinct agents that handle INTern. tickets.