Hi ,

I was checking the train options from Lucerne to Jungfraujoch using euro rail pass


Lucerne-Interlaken (Golden pass line)

From Interlaken Ost, -train to Lauterbrunnen and then  train to Kleine Scheidegg train to Jungfraujoch.


but its showing not in pass network

can someone help me how to go from Lucerne





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From Interlaken the Eurail pass is indeed not valid. You need to buy a ticket there at a discount of 25%. Jungfraujoch still costs 150 CHF per person, it is the most expensive railway of the country.

To spend less money go to Titlis (about 75 CHF) or Schilthorn (about 100 CHF) or use boats on Lake Thun and Brienz (included) + other scenic railways (but not high altitude)

(I told you so yesterday...)


yes you told ..


Can you share a link where we can buy tickets? SBB ?

150CHF includes gondola also ?

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You cannot buy the 25% discounted tickets online. Staff need to see that you have a valid pass (no need to use a pass day for the discount though). Book tickets when you arrive in Interlaken, they cannot sell out.

Again another reason not to book in advance : if the weather is bad you'll spend hundreds of CHF for nothing... without views Jungfraujoch is meh

Tickets are not cheaper in advance anyway

Yes the 150 CHF (maybe 150 or 160, look up the full-fare price and add the discount) covers the whole trip to Jungfraujoch from Interlaken

- Interlaken Ost - Grindelwald Terminal train

- Grindelwald Terminal - Eigergletscher gondola

- Eigergletscher - Jungfraujoch train fully in a tunnel

You can also decide if you want to go down via Lauterbrunnen (fully by train). It's the same price


Thank you so much. it's clear to me now :)

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You're welcome

Tickets for children (6-15 years old) should cost 20 CHF, available at Interlaken train station

(Tickets for 0-5 y.o. are free)


lucern to interlaken i can take global pass right?

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This map shows where in Switzerland the pass is valid in solid lines including lake boats and buses.

Dotted lines are where you can get 50 or 25% discounts.

Dashed lines are tunnels.


Hi ..


can you let me know any trips we can make from Milan using Eurorail pass?

we will check out from Lucern to Milan on June 6th

and we have a flight from Milan to Hyderbad( India) on June 10th flight .


so we have 3 days time . 


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Milan - Verona or Milan - Bologna : 10€ reservation for the high-speed train or reservation-free on regional trains

Milan - Como/Lecco/Varenna : reservation-free with regional trains. Varenna is very nice




thank you so much for your suggestions🙏


just wanted to check other options such as ,

what If we wanted to go to Pisa , Venice and Rome in 3 days ? June 7th,8th and 9th ?

Round trip from Milan as we have flight on June 10th to India . 


what are eurorail options do we have ?



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You can take any train you'd like with Eurail. You only need to add seat reservations :

- 10€ Frecciarossa high-speed trains

- 3€ IC trains

These should be bought on (no booking fee) : add Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets. You might have to split your group in 2 bookings

Use as a planner to get an idea of all the connections. The full Italian summer timetable hasn't been published yet

Rome is a bit far : 3h

Pisa is worth max half a day, stay in Florence


If I book in eurorail , prices will be different than websites such as ? 


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Usually prices are the same but Eurail adds a 2€ booking fee per person per train so it quickly adds up has no booking fee

Sometimes Eurail sells more expensive seat reservations or only offers reservations sent by mail while they're available online somewhere else. That's why it's best to avoid it.


Do u suggest these websites for other trips also ? Like from Paris to Lucerne and Lucerne- Milan ?


or only for Milan - Venice are you suggesting these links ?

So eurorail app is not useful ? 

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CDG Airport/Paris-Est - Strasbourg : see your other thread + what I've written to you 2 days ago :

"There are direct TGVs between CDG Airport and Strasbourg which is great ! It's way better than to go through Paris first. You only need to book the CDG Airport - Strasbourg train

- CDG Airport - Strasbourg 08:59 - 11:05
- Strasbourg - Basel SBB 11:21 - 12:40
- Basel SBB - Lucerne 13:03 - 14:05

- CDG Airport - Strasbourg 11:22 - 13:12
- Strasbourg - Basel SBB 13:21 - 14:40
- Basel SBB - Lucerne 15:03 - 16:05"

Lucerne - Milan : 11€ seat reservation on for the direct train (2-3 times a day) or reservation-free by changing in Lugano to the RE (not longer) - hourly connection

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See what I've written 2 days ago for CDG Airport/Paris-Est - Strasbourg : use

This page can book for 9 persons


Lucerne - Milan 11€ direct train on or reservation-free by changing trains in Lugano (hourly connection)


I created a ticket on euro rail planner. I will try to add a seat in OBB.



Thank you so much :)


we have selected a train at 18:53pm(Paris cdg-Luzern on June 1st)  but it's showing a technical error in OBB. Also, time table for the journey is completely different.


can you please check and guide how to reserve a seat? because it shows seats required until Strasbourg

I tried in the Eurorail website. It's 13$ with a booking fee.


Timings in OBB and Eurorail are completely different. Because I added a 6:53pm train on my 1st travel day but cant find same train to OBB to reserve a seat.


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Book here :

Aéroport Charles de Gaulle - Strasbourg

You'll arrive at 00:05 in Lucerne. Use or SBB app as planners

You can't book seat reservations in the app. Use or the better websites we advised you

Seat reservations won't show in the app




But you told us to check in OBB to avoid booking fee.


yes, I tried on the euro rail website also. I understood that process.

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ÖBB doesn't work for France. It works for Germany, Austria, Italy, Czechia and some other countries but not France.

It's best to use b-europe link : 9 x 10€ + 4€ booking fee.

On it would be 9 x 10€ + 9 x 2€ booking fee.


Hi how to add a discount card in b-europe link ? sending you a screenshot



I meant I didn't find an option of adding euro rail pass to pay only for the seat. I’m getting the total fare.


and OBB website will be useful for the Lucern-Milan trip? as you mentioned it will be useful for Italy.


and since if we take Lucern- Lugano & Lugano- Milan (RE free) I can book on euro rail app directly. Correct?

I'm checking train connections on SBB. Thank you so much for sharing all these links.