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  • 6 March 2022
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Hola, soy de argentina y estoy tratando de comprar el europass pero no aceptan mis targetas de credito incluso sabiendo que tengo el dinero necesitado, ¿Que otros metodos de pago existen y como los puedo usar?. Muchas Gracias.


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3 replies

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Badge +9 does accept credit cards. I see 8 logos on the payment page:

In addition, they accept PayPal and Alipay (but that's something Chinese).

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Ola, porteno.

There may be 2 possible causes for error:

1.there are repeated mentioned disturbance in the system last week. Sometimes changing browser may help.

2.there MAY be limits on INTernational payments set by your country or your bank/ Argentina fairly often is noted as having restrictions when the Peso falls again.

In case nothing works: most likely you first go to ESpana, language is easier. You can also buy passes there in some spots.

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Hi @Oscar, there have been issues with the payment, but that is resolved now so you should be able to proceed with payment successfully.