Missing letter from surname

  • 17 September 2022
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There are only 17 digits allowed for my GF’s last name. Her last name is 18 digits. 


Is this a problem when Aural checks the mobile pass?


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2 replies

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No, that won’t be a problem.

The name entry is so the pass is only being used by one person, it should match the name in passport but one letter missing is not going to be a problem in that situation, drop a letter from the middle of the name and chances are nobody will even notice.

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ON a 3 month pass (half price from the sale)-today on day 35 and the 8th country, the very first time I was asked for ID to show (south of Italy-a seemingly still new on the job and very polite inspector) and we had a little chat and told me his instructions were mostly about the exact nr of the ID/passpt. But he had not yet seen that many passes (mine is old-style paper)