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  • 22 May 2023
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We travel with two persons and booked the passes in one account and already made reservations for the nighttrain in thi account.

The support says, it is possible that each traveler uploads his pass on his own mobile in the  Mobile Pass App.


Can we also upload the already booked group seat reservations on two mobiles für each traveler?

If not, what should we do the best?


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4 replies

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it depends how you get your reservations. 

If on one PDF all reservations or all seperate. Keep in mind that reservations will not get to the railplanner app or in the pass. They are not linked together.

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The reservations are totally separate from the Railplanner app so there is no link between them. 

OK. So we can use the mobile pass each on our own device für planning and documenting the trains and use the reservations seperate in paper form. Correct?

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Yes exactly. Seat reservations can be printed but a PDF is usually enough