Mobile Pass Not Working, no way to get a ticket!

  • 28 August 2021
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We arrived in Europe today.  Our first trip is supposed to be tomorrow, august 29.  The mobile app will NOT let us get a ticket by adding a journey! We add the journey but the app will NOT let us get the ticket with the QR code.  We spent 45 minutes at SBB help desk in Zurich train station and the guy could not figure it out either.  Ther is no phone number to call Eurail.  What do we do???  Eurail email says they won’t respond for 7 days.


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I am very sorry to learn of this issue. This bug should have been fixed by the latest update of the App (please make sure you have version 19.0.0 at least). In older versions, one workaround solution was to simply push the app to the background (not closing it, but minimizing it/opening another app), then switching back to it (the action of going to background and back to main app shown normally triggers the QR generation to work correctly). If you do have the latest version of the app and still cannot generate the QR code, please send us your order number so we can look into the details. 

I am using 19.0 version for iPhone.  We tried reinstalling the app.  We now tried your suggestion.  Neither worked.  

We were able to do ONE trip by using the workaround described by the other user in the community here which was search for the train by each station.  That worked for our first trip.  Now when I try to put in our next trains, one of which has a costly added seat reservation fee which was paid for already, NOTHING WILL WORK, not even the workaround described by trying to select journeys by individual train numbers by individual station.

My order number is EU30229895, the pass numbers are LB52B2 and JZ6WRW, names Christine Chapin and Thomas Storms.  If you cannot come up with a fix ASAP I want all my money back plus the costs we are going to have to spend buying all these trips individually since we are ON the trip in EUROPE right now and you have NO phone contacts available to assist.