Mobile Passes switch from one phone to another

  • 21 August 2023
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We travel with 2 and have 2 Interail Global Passes.
Question1: Is it better to have them on one Phone, to make reservations for 2 easier?
Question2: And what if you loose that phone?
Question3: Can you switch one or both Mobile Passes to another Phone, wjhile travelling?

PS I read the related topic, but that was not appropriat to my questions.
Hope to find answers here.
Groeten, Thomas



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Having both on 1 phone makes no difference for reservations as the app does not reserve seats, that is entirely done through rail company websites/apps, Interrail website and 3rd party websites.


Obviously if you have both on 1 phone you will have to travel together at all times.

You can reactivate each pass on a second phone if necessary during your travels but not have a pass active on 2 phones at the same time.

Thank you Al_G. 
I see that I have to look closer to my terminology:

Q1 I meant traintickets in stead of reservations. What I don’t know is whether we have to book each trip-ticket twice if we have both our passes on separate phones? Would that be easier if I had them both on one phone?

Q2 Also tickets. If I loose my phone while traveling, we have to book trains from the other phone. I suppose that, in case of one Pass per phone, the lost Pass can be joined to the other phone and in the case of two passes on the lost one, both can be restored on the other phone. 

Q3 So the answer is YES(?)

Saluti, Thomas.