Moment of downloading railpass in interrailapp. and requesting Pass Cover number

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I have some questions after the flashsale. Definitely  I think I won't be the only one with such questions, so I will post them here in this community:

 I have the interrailapp. on my phone.  I bought the mobile pass with a 50% discount via “Treinrondreis” in NL.  That went excellent and correct.

 The next question is NOT about activation just before my first trip in a few months.

 A Does it have advantages and/or disadvantages to download the railpass already now some months before the first trip in the app?  (I know It can be removed again if necessary before activation).

 Or B downloading the railpass just before activation in the app after a few months?

 The next related question is about requesting the “passcovernumber” without haste, just to be sure:

 Can that A requested before downloading the railpass in the app.?  B After downloading the pass in the app.  but before activation?  Or C only after activation?

 There is so much knowledge here, so I hope for clear answers!


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You can request your PassCoverNumber at anytime (i prefer few weeks in advance as you may need the PCN to reserve some trains)

I will add my mobile pass just a week before my journey to my phone and add the journey´s last minute to the pass (when i am sure i will catch certain trains)

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Thank you very much Seewulf!!!  That’s useful information!