Multiple connections are not displayed in the Interrail app

I would like to travel from Frankfurt to Marseille on 04 July at 06:56. In the DB app I can find the following connection: 06:56 Frankfurt - 08:48 Strasbourg - 09:03 Strasbourg - 15:06 Marseille. However, the Interrail app only shows me a connection via Paris, where the train from Paris to Marseille is fully booked. The first train of the connection via Paris is the same as via Strasbourg (06:56 Frankfurt). The next connection to Marseille would not be until 19:00 in Marseille....

Even if I take the train to Paris, there would be a couple of high-speed trains (TGV) that run later but are not displayed in the Interrail app. 

So my question is, can I use the connection via Strasbourg even if it is not shown in the app or reserve a seat for this connection? And if so, how do I add it to my trip in the app if the connection is not shown to me in the Interrail app?


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What the rail planner app shows is irrelevant since it's not a reliable planning tool.

The operators’ own planners are more reliable.

Chances are that the timetables in the rail planner app will have been updated by the time you travel. If not, then just add your train(s) manually.

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As well as the planner app not being the most accurate it also has different method processing of journey information and will not always produce the same results.

If you separately search Frankfurt - Strasbourg and Strasbourg - Marseilles it will probably show those same trains.

In general only the fastest connections get displayed on many planners,  alternative routes or connections that give longer journey times from the same starting point are hidden (as the connection you want is slightly longer than the route via Paris this is the likely reason it won’t show) from view.


Journey planners are a powerful tool but they are far from perfect, with something as complex as the European rail network there are many ways that they will not always show the best information a traveller might want in any given situation.