Multiple train rides within home country possible?

  • 25 June 2022
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I’m travelling from Germany to Italy in September and I am unsure about the train ride leaving Germany. I heard that you can only use one train ride to exit your home country (Germany) and one train ride to enter your home country (Germany). 

For example I found a train connection from my hometown to Hamburg to Munich to Vienna, which makes a total of 3 train rides within my home country, is that possible with the gobal pass oder do i need to for example book a separat ticket to Hamburg and take a train from Hamburg to Zurich? 


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2 replies

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You can use as many trains as you please in your home country on the 2 days allowed.

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BUT on old style paper passes (for sale by DB at all their Reisecenter) it is indeed that one has to clearly write down the trips made and hence its easy to see for conductors you did not use a str8forward route but are ´Zickzack´ or whatever-and as such this is not allowed. Due to its high fares etc and general german tendency to make many rules-take it seriously. OR use the 9€ im Nahverkehr um alle deine Tantes usw zu besuchen

Also falls du in S-H wohnst kannste die beshriebe Fahrt so machen, wohnste zB in NRW, dann waere dies im Grunde eigentlich nicht erlaubt-aber auf new style mobile pass sehr schwer nach zu sehen