Need to convert EU rail to interrail

I am an Indian citizen working in Germany. I have a German residence permit blue card.
Bought an eurail pass to travel.

I see here that,
“If you're not a European citizen, but you are a legal resident of a European country, you should use an Interrail Pass”.

But in below site here, it says,
“If you are not a European citizen, but you are an official  resident of Europe, you can “also choose” to use an Interrail Pass.”

Can I still use eurail pass with my Indian passport or should I convert to interrail ?
If I need to convert, What should I need to do ?

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No need to convert. You’re good to go. As you’ll probably have a valid Indian Passport, stick with Eurail. No questions will be asked if you show them your Indian passport.

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No one will ask any questions if you use a Eurail pass together with your Indian passport.

Thanks so much for quick replies :) !