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  • 20 August 2023
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Complete newbie here thx for all info. For an Oct 1 departure I reserved a Train from Rome to Milan departing at 11:10am and Milan to Ventimiglia departing at 15:10, final destination is Nice. I booked the reservations using the Eurail website.

On the Eurail App my 11:10am departing train doesn’t exist, their is a train departing at 10:50am but the train numbers don’t match. The Milan to Ventimiglia is the same departure time. To cover my butt (on the App) I tried to reserve the train departing at 10:50am but it says no reservations available. Argh!

What do I need to do? I would imagine I need that 11:10am train I reserved on the website in my Eurail Pass? A reservation alone isn’t good enough from what I have read? You need a Eurail Pass ticket as well.

Thx for any help.

  Brian from Gibsons, B.C. Canada


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Could you give us the train number indicated on your reservation ? The situation is a bit weird since I can't find the 11:10 train anywhere…

I can find a Milan - Rome train leaving at 11:10 though.


Thx for your reply. The train # is FR 9514 leaves Roma Termini station on Oct. 1 at 11:10am bound for Milan. Its on the Eurail website not the APP.

   Thx Brian 

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So I've had a look and here's what I found :

The 11:10 train indeed exists and should run since it is currently available on It does appear too on a reliable planner such as DB.

Expect it to appear on Rail Planner in a few days or weeks. If for whatever reason it isn't on the app on 1st October you can always add the train manually.


Thx for the info, much appreciated.