New iPhone - but pass automatically moved?

  • 9 September 2023
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I activated my mobile pass on my old iphone (but it still worked). Before starting my journey i bought a new iphone. I used iphone’s function to do a full copy from an old by phone to a new. Once done, everything works on the new phone. The weird part is that when i check ‘My pass’ in the rail planner app on my new phone, it seems ok. But I’m worried something is not ok as I read everywhere that I need to move it to my new device - but is this still required then? And if so, should I delete the active pass that i do see on my new phone?


Best answer by Josefin Bond 11 September 2023, 14:30

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2 replies

An update: have now started the journey (on the second train trip) and ot has worked, without actually moving the pass to a new device. Not sure if it will work to book new trips but we’ll see..

And a final update: I have now also booked/added new travel days, during my journey. Worked fine. This means that if you use the iPhone feature of directly copying old phone to new phone, I don’t have to actively move my pass to the new phone, as the already activated pass was transferred automatically, and it worked. (I copied from an iPhone XS to an iPhone 14).